Vision that reaches beyond textile chemistry

40 years hands-on experience in professional textile care

Vision that reaches beyond textile chemistry

Concord Textile draws on more than 40 years of deep involvement and hands-on experience in professional textile care.

Starting out as operators of dry cleaning and laundry shops in Europe and North America our founding partners sought to improve the quality and productivity of professional cleaning and finishing equipment early on. This led us to develop and bring to market a series of innovations that still seek their kind.

In one of these areas – water based cleaning of delicate garments, simply called ‘wet cleaning’ – our contributions are helping to transform the textile care industry.

Own development and manufacturing

All of our wet cleaning, laundry and dry cleaning products are developed, manufactured and tested in our own facilities in North America and Europe.

Concord Textile. Leading innovations for the textile care industry.

Wet cleaning excellence

Concord Textile promotes and develops wet cleaning solutions since 1995, at a time when hardly anyone believed in the future of water-based cleaning as a replacement of solvent-based dry cleaning.

Since then arguably no other manufacturer has made as deep a commitment to wet cleaning as we have made. We believe that it simply is an entirely different ball game than dry cleaning or laundry and that it requires more than traditional chemistry.

Our combined knowledge of caring for delicate textiles, developing machines and chemicals led us to develop textile care solutions that are industry-changing.

Today, hundreds of textile care operations around the globe clean 100% of their customers’ garments with one of Concord Textile’s dry-to-dry wet cleaning solutions – without any recourse to solvent-based cleaning.

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    Operator of dry cleaning and laundry shops
  • Distributor

    Distributor of dry cleaning equipment, finishing equipment and turnkey dry cleaning shops
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    Manufacturer of dry cleaning machines and finishing equipment. World’s first computer-controlled dry cleaning machine. World’s first remote-controlled dry cleaning machine. First fur dry cleaning system using hydrocarbons. Word’s fastest utility press. …
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    Concord Textile wet cleaning solution launched

    Concord Textile launches 1st Generation wet cleaning solution in North America
  • First-integrated-wet-cleaning-machine-small-300x225.jpg

    First integrated clean-dry wet cleaning machine

    Concord Textile launches the world’s first single drum 'clean and dry' wet cleaning machine with heat pump and 2nd Generation wet cleaning solution
  • 3rd Generation wet cleaning solution

    Commercial launch of modified washers and dryers for 3rd Generation wet cleaning solution: recirculation, dryer with inverter motor.
  • First-Dry-to-Dry-Copier-225x300.jpg

    World’s first full Dry-to-Dry wet cleaning solution (4th Generation)

    Concord Textile launches Dry-to-Dry wet cleaning solution.
  • Crown-Cleaners-Toronto-Wet-Cleaning-customer-since-2011-300x225.jpg

    World’s first commercially produced 6 kg wet cleaning unit

    Concord Textile launches modified 6 kg wet cleaning washer and dryer for professional use
  • Establishment of a second facility in Europe

    Concord Textile sets up second facility in France
  • 5th generation wet cleaning solution launched

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