Concord Textile has more than 40 years of experience in professional laundry care. Since the 1970s our family established dry cleaners and laundries in Europe and North America. We develop machines and products for laundry applications and are well known in the professional field for our innovations.

In 1992, in Canada, we develop our first wet cleaning cleaning solution and in 2009 our first “dry-to-dry” wet cleaning solution that allows to clean and fully dry delicate fibers (wools, silks…). We completely replace solvent-based cleaning solutions !



In 2014 we establish Concord Textile with our production unit near the French Alps, and quickly become a reference in the professional field of delicate textile care in many countries. We count numerous prestigious companies among our customers: leading cleaners in their respective regions, 5-star hotels, amuse  ment parks… From our production faciluity in Izeron, we export our products to nearly 40 countries: China, Australia, Russia, South Africa, Poland, Italy, England…

From 2018 on we join forces with leading players in order to
offer quality solutions and services to our customers in the traditional laundry sectors, retirement homes, restaurants, health care facilities…

In 2021 we launch LA FABRIQUE, a brand dedicated to the general public, offering professional but affordable eco-responsible and innovative products for home use. In the future, LA FABRIQUE will offer a wide
choice of products for textile and home care as well as workshops !