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Unique among our peers we can build on a rich experience of more than 40 years as operator of dry and wet cleaning shops, cleaning and finishing equipment designer and manufacturer. Thanks to this experience we have a vision that reaches far beyond simple chemistry.
And we continue to strive to stay ahead of the industry, one innovation at a time.


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Visit our booth at the Paris show Jet Expo 2017 for live demonstrations of our 5th generation wet cleaning system. October [...]
a powerful universal pre-spotter for most common stains and soil including light grease stains. Great for collars, cuffs, bottom of [...]

Concord Textile will showcase the 5th generation wet cleaning solution at Clean 2017 in Las Vegas

O'Pressing à Chantilly, France, Concord Textile wet cleaning customer since 2016, received a trophy for their strong commitment towards alternative cleaning [...]
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