Specialist and precursor of delicate garment care for more than 40 years, Concord Textile accompanies you in offering quality garment care services .


We help you choose the most suitable products and equipment for your needs and support you as you evolve over time.

Cleaning of wools, silks and other delicate fibers. Leather, suede and fur care. Delicate washing and laundry. We help you choose and implement the best products, programs and cleaning procedures.
In wet cleaning opt for specialized equipment: Washers incorporating our water circulation technology (available only from certain manufacturers)
Whether you are looking to create a new wet cleaning operation or to expand your knowledge, Concord Textile supports you with our dedicated expert trainers.
Preserve your customers' clothes thanks to a precise and stable dosage. Prevent dosage drops, wear and tear on your pumps and tubing with regular monitoring by our technicians and partners.

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